To write of your feelings, what moves you, what grooves you, etc. has never been a pursuit of the timid or shy. It takes boldness, confidence, and a love of words and a love of life. Just ask Oscar Wilde about his trials. He’ll tell you what it takes to pour your heart out in print. It takes more than ink and sweat. For gay writers, it often takes blood.

While not all the authors of our gay adult novels were of Oscar’s literary bent, witty and insightful, all of the authors of our gay vintage sleaze ( aka gay erotica, gay porn or gay adult books) were determined to convey the gay experience as they knew it to their reading audience. Often the stories behind these authors are as fascinating as their fiction. The lives of writers such as Samuel Steward (the man behind the pseudonym Phil Andros), Carl Corley, Victor Banis, are all exciting, often moving tales of gay life on mid-century America.

Here for you to explore is an ever-expanding catalog of gay vintage erotica, organized by author’s catalogs, publisher and publishing house catalog, genre, and theme. Once dismissed as gay pornography, the works archived here are now vibrant artifacts of an aspects of gay liberation’s struggle in print , on the page and indeed in the heart.