The artist known as SEAN, was born John Klamik on July 22, 1935 in Chicago Illinois. He studied at the Art institute of Chicago. He moved to Los Angeles in the mid 60s, and started his career working in commercial art as an artist and display director for Akron stores.

He drew illustrations as SHAWN to mainstream LGBT/gay newspapers and magazines, and used the name SEAN for his more adult illustrations for such publications as Drummer magazine, Bound and Gagged Magazine, Larry Townsend publications and eventually his own adult comic/illustration series. His work extended beyond the page into murals, posters including for the 1987 movie Berserker!

He also was very prominent in gay/LGBT rights taking part in LGBT pride parade festivals and events, and was on the Board of Directors for Christoper Street West and assisted in the planning and organizing for Los Angeles’ LGBT/gay pride event and parade.

SEAN is estimated to have drawn over 10,000 drawings and has exhibited around the world along side contemporaries Tom Of Finland and Etienne

Sadly John passed away in 2005 due to complications from lung cancer.

More work by Sean will be added as it becomes available.