Come Hither

The world of gay popular erotica – or, to put it in more joyously – Gay Vintage Sleaze, is a window into the representation of not only gay sexuality but of masculine beauty itself.

The materials on display here lived a life subterranean in their day.  While we continue to battle for the right to love whomever (and however) we choose, we know all too well how precious (and possibly precarious) our current hard-won civil and social rights are.

Within the domain of this archival and sales site, we invite you to wander through the visual history of 20th century gay publishing, eroticism and otherwise, and to grasp a feel for the community spirit of the queer life from the beginnings of our modern age through the dawn of the digital age. The print artifacts on the site – books, magazines, journals, photographs and pamphlets – are still vital and expressive, documenting the oft-too slow progress of a universal sexuality too powerful for many to comfortably appreciate.